Explore untamed beauty on an epic South African trekking adventure

The Rim of Africa Hike, a remarkable odyssey for adventurers seeking the ultimate South Africa trekking experience, has unveiled its upcoming 56-day journey from Clanwilliam to George. With a captivating duration spanning 650 kilometres, this trek is tailored for the super-fit, promising an expedition through the heart of Cape’s awe-inspiring wilderness.

Setting out on an annual Summer Escape, this initiative opens the doors to matriculants freshly liberated from exams, fostering a time of self-discovery, serenity and reflection.

The Rim of Africa Hike is more than just a trail; it’s the longest mountain traverse of its kind in Africa, designed to transform South Africa and the Cape into coveted destinations for hiking enthusiasts worldwide. Conceived by Galeo Saintz and Ivan Groenhof, this epic trail meanders through multiple CapeNature reserves and 180 private properties, linking the Cederberg to the Outeniqua mountains.

What sets this venture apart is its commitment to conservation and community engagement. Local communities are encouraged to become ‘nature champions’, and Rim of Africa – as a not-for-profit public benefit trust and civil society organisation – collaborates closely with landowners and conservation groups to foster a community of custodians.

The journey comprises nine traverses, each designed for experienced and fit hikers looking for an immersive wilderness experience. Trekkers have the freedom to choose their path, whether completing a single traverse or linking multiple segments. Each traverse averages seven days, covering between 60km and 100km, with group dates available on the website.

Multi-day hikes

Traverse 1 – takes hikers through the Cederberg, covering 50km over mountainous terrain, making it suitable for all fitness levels.

Traverse 2 – explores the secret valleys and towering peaks of the Kouebokkeveld, offering a strenuous hike with wild camping and bucket washes.

Traverse 3 – involves ridge-line walking through mountainous terrain, highlighting rock pools and the ascent of Slab Peak.

Traverse 4 – leads trekkers through the Hex River Mountains, encompassing off-path hiking and sleeping in the shade of a vast amphitheatre.

Traverse 5 – the ‘ultimate ridge-line hike’, covering the Langeberg in eight strenuous days, boasting breathtaking views.

Traverse 6 – winds through Marloth Ridge, offering panoramic vistas across the Boland and into the Klein Karoo, culminating in an entry into the indigenous forest.

Traverse 7 – explores the Grootvadersbos Mountains, revealing stunning views and demanding some off-path hiking.

Traverse 8 – ventures closer to the Garden Route, exploring secret valleys, rock art and challenging off-path hiking.

Traverse 9 – embarks on a shorter but no less strenuous journey, heading into remote valleys and ridge-lines feeding into the Outeniqua mountains.

The Rim of Africa Hike is more than a hiking adventure; it’s an act of love, a celebration of South Africa’s diverse and breathtaking landscapes.

To learn more and apply for your place on this extraordinary journey, visit the website and join the community of adventurers seeking the extraordinary.

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