New seasonal Kruger camp open for business

A new seasonal camp in the central Kruger National Park, Kruger Untamed Satara Plains Camp, is offering guests an immersive way to experience one of Africa’s most iconic safari destinations during the peak game-viewing season.

Open from until September, Satara Plains Camp features 30 fully serviced luxury canvas suites, each equipped with an en suite camp-style bathroom and king-sized bed.

This is the second seasonal camp to be opened by Untamed Kruger, adding to the group’s Tshokwane River Camp that is open for its second season this year.

Kruger Untamed operates on the first-ever seasonal luxury tented camp concession in the Kruger.

“At Kruger Untamed Satara Plains Camp, every moment is a celebration of nature’s untamed spirit. Guests can embark on daily safari adventures, encountering a great diversity of wildlife up close. Whether it’s a game drive, a walking or tracking safari, each experience promises to be transformative,” says Lysta Stander, co-owner of Chiefs Mobile Tented Camps, shareholder in the Kruger Untamed business.

In a display of commitment to its sustainability practices, Kruger Untamed recently earned the distinction of a 100% compliance rating in its environmental audit, setting a precedent as the first concession in Kruger National Park to do so.

The brand seeks to blend South African innovation with cutting-edge techniques in waste management, heating and tent positioning, establishing new benchmarks for sustainable ecotourism.

“No doubt that our seasonal approach and commitment to minimal environmental impact influenced Kruger’s decision to allocate us the finest sites within the park,” comments Alex van den Heever, co-owner of World Trackers, a partner in the Kruger Untamed business.

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