Rare opportunity to taste award-winning wines at Austrian Sauvignon Blanc Feast

With all eyes on Styria in Austria as host of the largest Sauvignon Blanc competition in the world from 18 to 20 April 2024, a rare treat awaits Sauvignon Blanc enthusiasts to taste award-winning Austrian wines on South African soil. On Friday, 26 April, one day after the announcement of Continue Reading

Wellness in the winelands

Brookdale Estate is bringing wellness to the winelands from 17 to 19 May 2024 – presenting a special weekend filled with pampering and self-care, rest and relaxation, creativity and culinary delights.  Located in the Paarl winelands, the elegant Manor House at Brookdale forms the perfect base for an indulgent and restorative wellness Continue Reading

Launch of the new Solms-Delta Wine Company

Tommy Hall is not a man who leaves things to chance. As director of Global Operations for a Fortune 500 technology company, he is all about meticulous planning, managing risk and being prepared for the unexpected. And yet, fate must have played a hand in bringing Hall and his family Continue Reading

Inverroche introduces the third creative collection – Coco Capensis

This year Inverroche has introduced its 3rd and final addition to the Creative Collection Series, Inverroche Coco Capensis. ‘Capensis’ refers to that which originates from, or which belongs to, the Cape. It is the Latin name for the region, known as the Cape, at the Southern tip of Africa. Lorna Continue Reading

Great BIG Wine Survey to deliver BIG insights

Now, more than ever, the SA wine industry desperately needs meaningful insights to ensure production, packaging and marketing efforts are in line with consumer needs. The inaugural 2020 Great BIG Wine Survey – embraced by wine producers and celebrated by industry stakeholders – established a strong foundation and paved a Continue Reading

Bespoke BOOK XVII’s 2019 vintage heralds a new era for De Toren Private Cellar

The exclusive BOOK XVII brings the rare opportunity to savour an opulent wine, the most exceptional of South Africa’s Bordeaux-style blends. The release of its 10th vintage marks a decade of meticulous handcraftsmanship. It has been an exceptional ten years for the acclaimed BOOK XVII, with the 2019 vintage yielding Continue Reading

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