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Find purpose, confidence, and adventure with a Career as a Professional Nature Guide

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Nature Guiding is one of those dream jobs, envied by many, and for good reason. While it is certainly hard work, the rewards are numerous. Nature Guiding as a professional career has evolved steadily over the last two decades, and today is a much sought-after career option all over Southern Africa.

The Bhejane Nature Training Advanced Nature Guiding and Wildlife Conservation programme is a unique and comprehensive 3-year programme that is the first of a new generation of industry orientated learning programmes. This programme combines the intimately related fields of Professional Nature Guiding, Conservation/Wildlife Management, Monitoring and Research, and Tourism and Hospitality. This enables the student to get a quality academic qualification whilst at the same time living and training in the bush as opposed to attending a short informal bush course with little value, or a lengthy academic programme that still leaves them unemployable.

Our focus is broader than simply training guides for prestigious and upmarket lodge environments. Wildlife Tourism products are diverse and exciting! It follows naturally that your options for guiding are equally diverse and exciting. We prepare guides to get to know themselves better as a starting point, and from there to find the correct niche in the industry that suits their unique personal and professional profile. Do our fun quiz to find out what type of guide you could be.

Bhejane is committed to purposeful career training and our programme will ensure that the student can now do all of this in one place, gain valuable practical experience and qualify for an industry placement at the same time.

In addition to the benefits stated above, this is the only programme of its kind that prepares the student to work in both terrestrial and marine protected areas. Learn more about our exciting camps and courses here.

The college base camp is situated in Northern Zululand and borders the Isimangaliso Wetlands Park. Widely recognised as an area of unrivalled biodiversity, this offers the opportunity to live, study and work in one of the most diverse natural environments in Southern Africa.

The programme is suitable for anyone that is interested in working in Wildlife Tourism and Conservation, either as a Professional Nature Guide, Wildlife Monitor, Research Assistant, Conservation Volunteer Coordinator, Marine Guide or Conservation Entrepreneur. The course caters specifically for students that want more than just an entry level guiding qualification, and is looking for a more practical training approach than what is available through traditional academic qualifications.Bhejane Nature Training is a fully endorsed FGASA Training Provider. (Field Guides Association of Southern Africa)

Join us today, to become a part of the Zululand Conservation Legacy . . .

For more information contact Bhejane Nature Training at info@bhejanenaturetraining.com or go to our website, https://www.bhejanenaturetraining.com/

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