Plight of Kruger rhinos to be spotlighted at exclusive launch of Saviours’ Army

Plight of Kruger rhinos to be spotlighted at exclusive launch of Saviours’ Army ad

Non-profit organisation Rhino Disharmony will be launching the Saviours’ Army, a brand-new rhino awareness initiative, on 12 February during an exclusive event at The Winchester Hotel in Sea Point, Cape Town.

The Saviours’ Army calls for a united stance against rhino poaching, with the slogan: “Will you stand with us?” Harnessing the power of social media, including the reach of influencers and high-profile individuals in the creative industries, will form the cornerstone of the campaign.

The launch will be an immersive display of creativity through music, art and fashion which will highlight rhino conservation, education, youth and community.

The Greater Kruger Environmental Protection Foundation (GKEPF) will provide insight into the rhino situation on the ground. According to GKEPF, they “see rhino protection as a global commitment. The survival of the rhino is a visual reminder that the actions and influence of humanity today have a lasting impact on the evolution or extinction of a species for future generations.”

Attended by Grammy winner and music composer Harold Faltermeyer, the evening will see the premiere of a Dylan Boerstra–produced Rhino Disharmony video, powerful photography by Elie Benistant, while a model from Boss Models Cape Town will showcase rhino-painted scarves by the children of Lalela.

About Rhino Disharmony

In 2014, at the height of the relentless onslaught against rhinos, one of the tragic statistics was an animal poached at Motswari Private Game Reserve in the Greater Kruger. The Greater Kruger encompasses the Kruger National Park and various private nature reserves including Umbabat Private Nature Reserve and Timbavati Private Nature Reserve.

Having witnessed the brutal killing of an innocent rhino on their doorstep, Motswari owners Marion Geiger-Orengo and Fabrice Orengo de Lamazière founded Rhino Disharmony in a bid to help save rhinos.

Leveraging art to spotlight the rhino poaching crisis, Rhino Disharmony wants to reshape perceptions about rhino horn use and stop the demand that is pushing this iconic species toward extinction. From creative campaigns to immersive events, the organisation’s mission is to raise awareness in varying forms and to reach diverse audiences, locally and abroad.

“Art has the power to overcome language barriers, supersede cultural boundaries and communicate in a way words can only dream of. We aim to get to reshape perceptions about rhino horn use. We collaborate with creatives and companies to speak on behalf of our rhinos and protect them,” comments Geiger-Orengo.

Situation on the ground in the Greater Kruger National Park

According to the latest SANParks figures, the Kruger Park rhino population has declined by a staggering 77% from a population of 8 929 in 2014 to only 2 061 in 2022. The situation is particularly serious when one considers that South Africa, which is home to 80% of the world’s rhinos, is one of the last strongholds of these magnificent animals.

Get involved

Through visual awareness campaigns and events, Rhino Disharmony educates communities in South Africa and abroad about the poaching crisis. We encourage the public to visit our website, follow Rhino Disharmony on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, and share our visual content to reach and educate a wider audience.

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