The Nature College – Shaping the future through quality education

Founded by legendary Kruger National Park Ranger Johan Fourie, The Nature College has been one of the leading training providers of Field Guides and Game Rangers in South Africa for over 25 years. The Nature College is a fully CATHSSETA accredited Training Provider and Cybertracker Assessors. CATHSSETA is the standards regulating body and issues all legal qualifications within the tourism industry in South Africa. The Nature College operate in various South African provinces including the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, Limpopo and Mpumalanga. They have developed their own study materials and the training and assessment methods used by The Nature College is highly rated by CATHSSETA.

Following a strict selection process for course instructors and assessors, The Nature College guarantees a high level of training offered by highly experienced staff. All examination and assessment fees are automatically included with all courses and The Nature College prides itself in providing a high level of service to clients. A variety of courses are available through The Nature College. Students have the option to attend full-time courses, or to subscribe to any of the distance-learning courses. Please see The Nature College website at for information on all the courses available.

The Nature College believes that Field Guides should not only have a sound knowledge of the natural environment, but also have a full understanding of nature conservation and its importance as a whole. For this reason a unique 10-week course was formulated. The course is presented on a working game reserve in the safe and malaria-free Western Cape. The course includes a guiding qualification, a national certificate in natural resource guardianship, a tracking qualification as well as a first aid qualification. The course also includes an exciting study tour where students experience other South African biomes and also take part in activities such as guided walks in dangerous game areas. The 10-week course is available twice a year and to ensure quality training and personal attention, a total of only six students is allowed per course. See website for full details. Please do not hesitate to contact The Nature College at or for any information.

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