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Welcome to our first edition of 2019! We’re delighted
that you’ve joined us on our safari—from the Arabic word
safara, meaning “journey”. We look forward to informing
and enlightening you with a wide array of articles
highlighting the very best that this continent of Africa
has to offer.
Having purchased a copy of this magazine, it’s safe to
assume that like me, you share a passion for travel locally
and abroad. Tourism is a big contributor to the South
African economy in particular, and one needn’t go very
far to see why: Our pristine beaches, spectacular scenery,
amazing wildlife and verdant vineyards draw visitors to
our shores like a moth to a flame.

The images we send out into the wider world are truly irresistible.
Therefore it’s important we take advantage of the
opportunities afforded by the tourism industry and the
millions of visitors. They are, as marketers will tell you,
a captive audience.

We need to welcome them and make
their stay as memorable as possible so that they return.
And we need to show them that Africa is not the Dark
Continent. Yes, it’s far from idyllic in certain countries,
but there are also glorious Edens waiting to be explored:
the Chobe River, Etosha National Park, the Fish River
Canyon, the Ngorongoro Crater… But wait, I’ll let you
see for yourself.
Enjoy the journey.