A hub of creativity and culture awaits at the Clarens Arts Festival 2024

Immerse yourself in the Clarens Arts Festival, set to transform the picturesque village of Clarens into a vibrant hub of creativity and culture from 1 to 5 May 2024. With tickets now on sale, this festival is your passport to an unparalleled cultural journey.  

Venture into a realm where visual art, music and literature converge against the stunning backdrop of the eastern Free State mountains.

This year’s enthralling Arts Exhibition will be hosted on the village square, which will be open to the public throughout the festival. The events of the festival, however, extend beyond the village square to embrace the entire community, with events nestled in cosy corners of local restaurants, historic hotels and welcoming halls.

Discover a diverse array of interactive workshops ranging from painting and photography to culinary arts, where you can learn, create and taste alongside local and visiting experts. Dianne Bibby, professional recipe developer, food stylist and photographer, will present one such workshop: an intimate, informal and interactive demonstration set in a fabulous kitchen with a spectacular view over the escarpment of the Titanic Rock. A view and experience you will never forget.

Festival director Lisa Woollacott shares her enthusiasm: “At the heart of the Clarens Arts Festival is the belief that art has the power to connect us all. It’s a gathering place for dreamers, creators and anyone moved by the beauty of expression. We invite you to join this celebration of creativity, where every performance, workshop and discussion is an opportunity to forge unforgettable memories and inspire your artistic journey.”

The performing arts scene is equally thrilling, with performances by established and emerging artists, including a special one-night engagement with blues artist and storyteller Dan Patlansky and the powerful drama ROUTRIP, featuring Elzabé Zietsman in a performance that promises to resonate with your soul.

The literary landscape of the festival is especially rich this year, offering a series of discussions that will intrigue book lovers and aspiring writers alike. “The Books That Built Me”, featuring Michele Magwood, Ruda Landman and Elzabé Zietsman, promises lively debates and personal revelations about the books that have shaped their lives.

As the festival unfolds, Clarens’ breathtaking scenery becomes the perfect canvas for this celebration of art, offering an escape into a world where creativity knows no bounds. With something for everyone – from passionate foodies and art aficionados to families looking for a memorable adventure – the Clarens Arts Festival stands as a beacon of cultural richness and communal spirit. Join us for a truly magical experience that will spark your imagination and uplift your soul.

Tickets for the performances and workshops are available on Quicket.

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