New wellness hubs to blend 4IR tech and holistic approaches to health

InUversal Group – a health and biotech market disruptor in Africa and the Middle East that is transforming the way we think about healthcare, medicine and hospitals – is set to open next-gen medical and wellness hubs in Cape Town this December 2023 and a monumental R1-billion development in Sandton, Johannesburg to follow in 2024.

These visionary, state-of-the-art health and wellness facilities are designed to embrace the holistic nature of individuals’ well-being, emphasising the intricate interplay of biological, social and psychological facets.

Comprising a team of esteemed medical experts working collaboratively to transform disease treatment through innovative and holistic strategies, the InUversal Group is committed to alleviating South Africa and Africa’s healthcare challenges through the application of 4IR (4th Industrial Revolution) technology that is set to improve healthcare accessibility and standards for individuals across the continent.

As an increasing number of international visitors travel the globe in search of medical treatments, the InUversal Group is committed to making South Africa’s major metropolises – including Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban – the go-to destinations for personalised wellcare (a term coined by the group, which is anticipatory in nature and requires a holistic approach to health).

Wellcare harnesses proven strategies to attain an optimal and healthy balance between individuals’ health, time and finances, ensuring they can lead healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives. This ambitious endeavour aligns with South Africa’s reputation as a hub for medical tourism, offering world-class medical services, competitive pricing and a rich cultural and immersive experience.

The Institute of Universal Wellcare (InUWell) will be based in the heart of Cape Town at the prestigious V&A Waterfront Mall and is the first of its kind: a digitally immersed, multidisciplinary institute of holistic health and well-being in a warm and welcoming retail environment. InUWell’s versatile multifunctional design, and forward-thinking commitment to radical sustainability, offer an unparalleled experience that is a seamless blend of physical and digital realms. The Institute is set over 2 000 square metres and is considered to be the heart of wellcare.

This festive season, InUWell is opening its doors to immersive health and wellness experiences where individuals are invited to learn more about health and well-being, while exploring and having fun in an engaging, euphoric, multi-sensory environment as they connect and share memorable moments with friends and family.

InUWell provides a diverse range of services including DNA genetic testing, comprehensive health screenings and diagnostics, specialised treatments and therapies, wellcare lifestyle products and services, active health studios, multi-sensory immersive experiences, and a digital health bank with evidence-based healthcare insights.

“The InUversal Group is an ecosystem shifting and stretching boundaries, creating connections, taking complex intricate life decisions and making them simple,” says Dr Kamlen Pillay, founder and CEO of the InUversal Group, and plastic surgeon. “InUWell, under the InUversal Group, is a single destination for all your health and wellness needs. It is the perfect place to learn about your body and how to take care of it, to access the latest technology and treatments and therapies, and to connect with other people who are on the same journey.

“The InUversal Group’s WellCare Programmes empower individuals of all generations to take precise, proactive and preventative measures – not only to extend the quantity of years in our lives but also to infuse more vitality and quality into those years,” he adds.

The group is launching several innovative health technology products that will enter the market early next year, including the Johannesburg facility called SIM Sandton, which is unique in Africa and will host a 5-star hotel, InUWell Precinct, Step-Down Facility as well as a multidisciplinary Surgical Theatre Complex with more than 20 of Johannesburg’s top specialists.

Working with esteemed medical specialists, leading MedTech equipment and companies, and lifestyle and wellness retail brand partners, the InUversal Group invites potential collaborators to join the vanguard of companies and brands helping to shape the future of health and wellcare practices in Africa and globally, with the shared mission of enhancing the well-being of countless individuals.

“Imagine a world where every man, woman and child has the agency over three valuable assets: their health, time and money. A world where every person has the dignity of choice where they live, work and play. A world where hospitals are not places we go to when we are sick but rather to stay healthy. Imagine a world where hospitals are for profits but not for profiteering. A world where each day, each and every one of us, uses our energy collectively to leave the world in a slightly better place than we found it the day before,” concludes Dr Pillay.

To get involved or find out more information, visit the website or email to book an appointment. InUWell Cape Town will officially open its doors on 19 December 2023.

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