ANEW launches a new loyalty programme

While the impact of COVID-19 on South Africa’s economy is undeniable, some businesses have managed to grow and thrive during what continues to be one of the most challenging times in the hospitality industry. One such brand is ANEW Hotels & Resorts, one of the leading hotel groups in the country. ANEW has opened multiple hotels throughout the country in the last two years, growing from just three properties to 14 as of 2022, with more on the way. The recent addition of the group’s first Cape Town property, ANEW Hotel Green Point, has been a highlight for the brand, who looks forward to some exciting plans for the new year and beyond.

As a way to give back to customers, ANEW is now launching its first loyalty programme, ANEW Rewards, which will be based on a simple reward system to benefit all guests, where they can earn “Wena Bucks”. Joining ANEW Rewards is straightforward, with everything done in just a few minutes online. There are no forms that need to be filled out or cards that need to be processed. What’s more, joining the rewards programme comes at no cost to the ANEW customer.

Adds Alan Campbell, Sales and Marketing Director at ANEW, “We’re incredibly excited to launch our very first loyalty programme to ANEW customers. We’re committed to providing guests with a rewarding experience where simplicity, value and personal service take centre stage. This is what makes our ANEW Rewards programme stand out from others. Members will enjoy easily accessible, real rewards that provide genuine value and are personalised according to the guest’s needs.”

Campbell also highlighted the solid relationships ANEW has built with various partners. “All of our partnerships and collaborations are based on mutual respect and shared values. We look forward to offering our guests something truly rewarding on top of the already world-class experience at all our ANEW Hotels & Resorts, soon.”

Reaping the rewards

For every R1 spent at any ANEW hotel, loyalty members will receive 1 Wena Buck, which can be used towards various hotel and partner benefits. Adds Campbell, “As part of the rewards programme, members can enjoy exclusive rewards and discounts, including special offers on stays at any ANEW Hotel & Resorts properties in SA, earning Wena Bucks for every rand spent with us, and numerous discounts and special offers from our upcoming rewards partners. What’s more, members can look forward to hotel room upgrades (subject to availability), discounts on the best available rates, welcome platters on arrival, early check-in/late check-out (subject to availability), and exclusive promotions and competitions.”

Members also have the opportunity to move through various loyalty levels. “Members start at Gold Membership level and can quickly move to Platinum Membership when they spend R35 000 at any ANEW hotel. Spend R90 000 to upgrade to Black Membership level which is the highest level members can reach. With each new level upgrade, members can expect more exciting and valuable bonuses, benefits and rewards,” adds Campbell. “This is our way of rewarding guests for their loyalty in the best way we know how.”

Finding the right partners

According to Campbell, ANEW Hotels & Resorts looks for the right-fit strategic partners with the vision of a long-term, sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship. “We’ve reached out to company partners that align with our brand values and commitment to excellence and service delivery. We conduct our business with Honesty, Integrity, Teamwork, Excellence and Courage (HITEC), and we expect our partners to share these values.”

“We’ve managed to build solid partnerships in the hospitality industry and beyond, which has contributed to the continued success of our business. By aligning with similarly attuned partners, we hope to continue building ANEW as the hospitality brand of the future,” Campbell concludes.

To join ANEW Hotels & Resorts ANEW Rewards loyalty programme, please go to

About ANEW Hotels & Resorts

ANEW Hotels & Resorts has evolved as a family business started in 1952. Family culture and attention to detail are firmly grounded in its people, and the group prides itself on the personal touch. The ANEW Hotel & Resorts Group owns and manages various properties in South Africa, with a vision to grow the brand by acquiring additional properties and management contracts in strategic locations. The brand achieved incredible growth over the past two years, in the midst of a pandemic, and continues to look for opportunities to provide premier products for local and international business and leisure market segments throughout the country. They conduct their business within legal and ethical parameters and strive to provide world-class service. Visit for more information.

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