Old world splendour at The Weinberg

Enjoy the pleasures of city life and the serene atmosphere of Africa in style in The Weinberg Windhoek. Its iconic styling seamlessly blends old-world splendour with modern lines as well as state-of-the-art amenities.

30 minutes drive from Hosea Kutako International Airport, the hotel’s elegant architecture wraps around a heritage building, which forms the heart of the Am Weinberg Estate. It also features restaurants of different culinary styles and the appealing Soulstice Day Spa.

Welcoming guests to a patio and a seating area, the rooms are furnished with exactly what you will need to wind down on your holiday or day filled with business meetings.

The hotel has a variety of upmarket lounge spaces, with panoramic views of the surrounding valley. Guests can visit the 24-hour fitness centre for a workout or grab a bite to eat at Wine Lounge, one of 3 restaurants, which serves local and international cuisine and is open for lunch and dinner. There’s a winery and a rooftop terrace, and in-room conveniences.

Spend the day exploring Windhoek. Visit the Christ Church (Christuskirche), the National Museum and the Alte Feste, or take the opportunity to go shopping in one of the modern malls. And don’t forget to try a typical Namibian dish, kapana or biltong, before returning to your temporary home at the end of an exciting day.

Experience the sunset enjoying panoramic views of the surrounding valley. The Weinberg (German: vineyard) lives up to its name and invites you to choose your favourite wine from an extensive wine list while savouring the hotel’s sophisticated atmosphere.

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