Quintessential Namibian adventure

Amid the harshness of Namibia`s untamed beauty and the long distances one must travel between destinations; Journeys Namibia operates lodges that are perfectly positioned to create an unforgettable journey around the countries best known attractions.

With a strong focus on eco-tourism and community development, each of our lodges aim to deliver memorable experiences. Whether you love camping, or would like to stay at a premier lodge, Journeys Namibia can cater for your dream Namibian holiday.

Erongo Wild

On your first night in Namibia, take a deep breath from your room at Erongo Wild, perched amidst the rugged granite kopjes imminent to Namibia’s Erongo Mountains. The lodge is a founder member of the 2,000 square kilometers Erongo Mountain Nature Conservancy, known for excellent bird watching and hiking. There are also rare and endemic species of flora and fauna, along with Bushman rock paintings. The lodge offers many hiking trails to stretch your legs after a long flight.

Grootberg Lodge

Departing from Erongo Wild, head up to the heart of Damaraland. Grootberg Lodge is built on the edge of the Etendeka plateau with breathtaking views over the Klip River Valley. This lodge, located in the #Khoadi //Hoas Conservancy, is truly a landmark in the Namibian tourism industry as it is the first middle-market establishment in the country that is 100% owned by a conservancy. If you prefer a more rustic outdoor experience, twenty-five kilometers east of Grootberg Lodge, you will find the Hoada Campsites, which provide you with the pleasures of a comfortable camping between spectacular granite boulders.

Hoada Campsite

From Grootberg Lodge proceed to the western border of the famous Etosha National Park. Enjoy the silence of the mopane forest at Hobatere Lodge, situated in a concession area of 8808 ha. This unique stretch of land is home to a wide range of African wildlife including lion, elephant, giraffe among many others.

Hobatere Lodge

Drive or fly to the south of Namibia to visit the Fish River Lodge. It is the only establishment set directly on the edge of the Fish River Canyon. Take a stroll along the rim, choose a guided hike or 4×4 drive down into the deepest meanders of the canyon. Or else en joy the scenery of this ancient geological wonder on our newly introduced cycling trails above the canyon’s plateau. Overnight at Camp Edge and Camp Eternity, carefully designed stone gabion shelters that blend in with the landscape, absorbing the beauty of the night sky after a long day’s hike.

Fish River Lodge

Complete your Namibian journey by visiting the infamous Skeleton Coast. Stay at the iconic Shipwreck Lodge, our premier and exclusive lodge, located in a special concession between the Hoarusib and Hoanib rivers inside the Skeleton Coast National Park, only 45 km from Möwe Bay. Our exclusive clientele can look forward to appreciating the harshness of the desert and the beauty of these solitary landscapes filled with the mysteries of the past.

Whether you’re an adrenaline seeking traveler or in need of rejuvenating, we will provide you with your Quintessential Adventure of Namibia!

Shipwreck Lodge

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