Set your course, you are heading north

Set on the unexplored northern fringes of the world-renowned Etosha National Park, get ready for a royal welcome at Gondwana Collection Namibia’s Etosha King Nehale.

Strikingly set on the Andoni plains, one kilometre from Etosha National Park’s King Nehale gate is Etosha King Nehale. The lodge effortlessly portrays the shape of an Nguni cattle head, with chalets stunningly furrowed to the north and south, from the central area like a bull’s horns. Upon walking into the reception and curio shop, boma, and dining areas, the Oshiwambo ethos is intriguingly evident from colours, fabrics, cutlery, chandelier, and table engravings with impactful proverbs and other embellishments.

There is one detail that puts this lodge over the top: It is its private access to a secluded waterhole, Ontalelo Outpost, which is set in the Etosha National Park. This waterhole is reserved for Etosha King Nehale guests allowing them to immerse themselves in the tranquillity of nature and observe the rich diversity of the animal world in this corner of paradise.

To the north, the King Nehale conservancy is surrounded by the pulsating life of the communal areas of the Oshikoto, Oshana, Ohangwena, and Omusati regions. The agreement, to construct the Lodge in this conservancy has been a match made in heaven as it brought, development and investment to the conservancy and surrounding areas and has become the gateway to exploring the rich and vibrant Aawambo culture.

It is the perfect mix between regal elegance and an African safari adventure. Make this your base as you explore the less known waterholes and parts of Etosha National Park or seek adventure as you head north into the heart of Owambo, where taking it easy has taken on a whole new meaning. Immerse yourself into this beautiful setting and enjoy what this jewel of Namibia has to offer.

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