Bushtec Safari – African Safaris

Bushtec Safari – African Safaris

With the provincial borders opened and people allowed to travel outside their provinces, why not invest the time and go explore our beautiful country.  Even better to go and visit the bush.  Ever stayed in a tented lodge?  Most people don’t always recall the branding on the tent that was their home during their getaway. Is a tent just a tent, or are there more to it?

We at Bushtec Safari pride ourselves to design and manufacture the best quality luxury tents.  As the Masters of Canvas, we have a range of standard and bespoke luxury tents which are our pride and joy.

As part of the Canvas and Tent group, we are the leading tent manufacturer and supplier to well-known safari camps and game reserves, hunting and luxury lodges, villas and resorts within the travel market both locally and internationally.

Our brand is renowned globally as we have provided luxury tents to countless projects through our head office, our branch in America, Europe and Botswana as well as our Distributors in the UAE, Australia and Asia.

With over 1000 different tent designs, we prefer keeping everything we do in-house – from design, to manufacturing, delivering, and installing.

Over the years that we have been designing and manufacturing luxury tents, we have truly tested boundaries and accomplished the unthinkable. We have a range of standard designed luxury tents which can be customised according to specified requirements, alternatively we can create a custom design from scratch based on a concept on paper. With our team of in-house designers, we can create almost anything that you can imagine. We also work closely with the investor’s architect should one be appointed.

Ladysmith, which is in the Kwa Zulu Natal province in South Africa, houses our state-of-the-art factories, totalling a productive area of 27,500 m2 where more than 300 skilled design, technical and specialist personnel are employed. Here we craft masterpieces with passion and dedication. We also utilize the vast space within our factory to install each tent before it is despatched. During this process we check the quality of each tent and its components to ensure everything fits together 100% to our satisfaction and to ensure that installation on site can run as smooth as possible.

Despite the rigorous quality standards which we adhere to when manufacturing our tents, we still need to deliver on our mantra: “Designed to Impress. Built to Last”.

While our materials are manufactured according to the most exacting quality and climatic durability standards, over time exposure to the elements will take its toll. To conserve the aesthetic appearance of your tented accommodation and extend the lifespan and return on investment, we offer regular on-site inspections and a maintenance service.

If you’d prefer to do it yourself, we can provide maintenance training for your camp managers and staff members, so they can extend the lifespan of your tented accommodation. The usual maintenance includes replacement of zips for canvas-style doors, resealing of the square tubing, tensioning of flysheets, washing each tent as well as reproofing each tent.

We understand the importance of different environmental elements that have to be taken into consideration when we manufacture luxury tents. In order to accommodate these considerations, we offer different types of steel frames, different combinations of materials, fire-retardant materials, insulated materials and even guarantee that our canvas and flysheets are UV treated, welded and stitched to high standards. We engineer our tent structures in such a way that it can withstand the elements that it is exposed to, enabling the tents to last the investor for more than 10 years, which will be great for your return on investment.

Bushtec Safari luxury tents are also designed keeping in mind the importance of the environment. Our tents are eco-friendly, and can blend in with the natural surroundings quite effortlessly. Each tent has a light footprint, and by securing it to a wooden deck that plants into the ground, you can have your luxury tented camp without disrupting the environment at all.

Terrain might be another point of interest when planning your tented investment, which is something that we have ample experience in. Our luxury tents can be installed on a mountainous terrain, in a grainy desert location, next to the crisp blue ocean on white sandy beach, on your five star adventurous game lodge or even in the middle of the gorilla territorial rain forest.

Not only do we supply these one-of-a-kind luxury tents, we can also offer the investor the option of a full turnkey solution through our sister brand, Bushtec Creations. In this scenario everything concerning the project will be managed and implemented by our in-house team, from planning to concept development, design, site layouts, sourcing, manufacture and supply of all items needed including interiors, right through to deployment and project management. With our professional and experience team you can rest assured that your investment is in the best hands. For us, no destination is too remote, no idea too bold, no challenge too big.

So next time you stay in a tent, make sure it is a Bushtec Safari luxury tent.

Bushtec Safari – Designed to Impress. Built to Last.

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