Cape Town’s Summer fine dining scene reinvigorates with the launch of new lunch dates at Greenhouse

Sterling news for the industry – and for food lovers everywhere – is that renowned establishment Greenhouse will now open its doors for luncheon on Fridays and Saturdays from November onwards. Guests will be able to experience the summer Discovery Tasting menu created by Head Chef Farrel Hirsch.

The Discovery Tasting menu offers an African-inspired fusion feast which will delight regulars and newcomers alike. Hirsch has conceptualised a number of new unique flavour combinations.

Many of the dishes have wryly humorous names that belie the seriousness of the chef’s intent. These include the likes of Walkie Talkies – dry-aged chicken, burnt beans, garlic purée, aged shiitake, red carrots, ginger latte and bacon jam; Magic Mushroom – cinnamon, mushroom, walnut XO, coriander pesto, sweet potato angels nest and shiitake broth; and the Eaton Neat – Chef Farrel’s own memories of this classic dessert with childhood flavours of strawberry jam, smoked meringue and yoghurt crispies.

The menu at Greenhouse is seasonally led, with only the finest local ingredients and suppliers sourced for the kitchen. This means that the summer menu is best enjoyed now. The menu will shift as a response to seasonal change as the fruits and produce of autumn and winter become available.

The lunch experience is available from 12h00 to 14h00 on a Friday and Saturday at R550 per person. Wine pairing, carefully considered by resident sommelier Michelle Michaels, is available for an additional R360 per person.

Bookings are essential at this popular Cape Town restaurant. To avoid disappointment, email  or call +27 21 795 6226.

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