Cape Town’s vibiest new hotel has vibrant general manager at the helm

Vib hotel manager Niall Bruyns

Heading up the team at the new Vïb Cape Town, which is the first Vïb by Best Western in the southern hemisphere, is first-time General Manager, Niall Bruyns. The new appointment affirms Niall’s stellar trajectory in the hospitality industry.

Niall was born and raised in Cape Town and studied hospitality management at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (formerly Cape Technikon). By the time he had completed his studies, Niall already had several management titles under his belt, having worked throughout his studies to pay for his tuition.

Upon graduation, Niall joined the City Lodge group for 18 months, after which, he spent the bulk of his career in Executive Management roles in small, 4-star leisure properties. These include the V&A Hotel, The Cape Milner Hotel and Winchester Mansions.

Niall then joined the team at the Westin as Director of Food and Beverage, switching focus to a large 5-star corporate. In addition to playing an active role within the industry, Niall has a great passion for training and development and spent three years lecturing hospitality management part-time at a tertiary level.

He is now eager to show his mettle at Vïb Cape Town’s brand-new Green Point property, a perfect opportunity to make his mark. He has filled his Vïb Cape Town team with other talented young professionals who are eager to make a name for themselves.

Outside of work, Niall is a family man and lives in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town with his wife and son. He is an avid bibliophile and self-professed fan-boy. He loves entertaining, cooking and wine tasting and has a flair for food and wine pairings. When he is not managing staff and operations at the hotel, he has been known to take a turn behind the Eye Bar at Vïb Cape Town, mixing up signature mocktails and other delicious drinks.

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