Mabula Game Lodge reinvented

Mabula Game Lodge reinvented

The eagerly awaited refashioning of Mabula Game Lodge is now complete. Whilst the lodge has been closed due to the lockdown during the COVID 19 pandemic, our team have been very busy finalising the large-scale project. The objective of the redesign was to create a contemporary haven whilst maintaining an African lodge feel throughout the bedrooms and completing the circle of the lodges’ restyling that commenced about twelve months ago. Authenticity is important to the traveller and the brief included a clear directive to ensure great comfort and practicality throughout whilst enabling our guests to be able to indulge in the little luxuries of a safari destination.

A change begins at the foundation and the newly refreshed rooms boast a gorgeous laminate
vinyl floor which extends throughout the bedroom and living space into the breezy new bathroom areas. Characteristic French doors have replaced the heavy wooden sliders to allow the light to flow in, with the added wooden element to create an earthy sense of arrival. Window dressing is always important, so the designer has selected a gorgeous full block out high-quality cotton sateen curtain with leaf motif. A sheer organza curtain backs this to allow light yet maintain privacy.

The high quality Kiaat furniture has been refreshed to maintain a light tone throughout. The writing desks have a shiny new ottoman chair with a luxury textured upholstered finish and are equipped with high quality tea and coffee making stations. Under bed handwoven sisal carpets finish the traditional feel and create an interesting border extending out from the beds for an added luxurious finish. Luxury 300 thread count linen and fluffy allergy proof duvets dress every bed. Perspex and chrome designer beside lights finish off the look.

Capturing the essence of light these new rooms boast a plethora of new lights throughout. From the stylish outdoor chrome wall mounted square light fittings, through to the African themed wall mounted lights and rich chandeliers the entire room shouts luxury and style. Down lights have been used throughout where ceilings permit, and a brass table lamp sets the safari theme beautifully.

An opaque glass panelled door leads into the bathroom which is designed in hues of greys, white and mushroom allowing a combination of textures to blend into what can only be described as a feeling of complete calm and serenity. The new vanity with free standing luxury porcelain basin is framed by a designer glass wall unit with floating glass shelves displaying our high-quality amenities. All accessories and finishes are in polished chrome brightening the entire space. A frameless walk in shower complete with an active shower console offering a multiple spray shower experience is state of the art. The shower floor is highlighted with a mixed glass, marble and chrome mosaic finish and the wall tiles in the shower show off with a ceramic designer texture. Roller blinds across the windows have been added above the stylish freestanding couple’s bath with a polished chrome waterfall sill.

“The highlight of this stylish experience is the complete merging of the light colours and contemporary African styles to create a luxury ambiance in the African bush setting that is Mabula” says Esley Giorgiou the well-known lodge interior designer and owner of Effective Finishes.

“Mabula Game Lodge is ready to welcome back it’s loyal customers and look forward to showing off the complete new look that has evolved with the completely re-designed rooms” mentions Cindy Sheedy Walker CEO of Extraordinary Sales and Marketing, “and of course all the other recently upgraded areas such as the world class new restaurant, a fabulous outdoor Wild Playzone complete with active arena,  and many other additions which has completed the transformation of the old Mabula to an exciting up and coming Safari Resort.”



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