A destination of choice for discerning holiday home investors

The enduring resilience of the South African tourism industry continues to make holiday homes a solid and attractive investment option for discerning buyers. Among the premier estate destinations catering to this type of investment, Royal Jozini, nestled within a private game reserve in eSwatini on the border to South Africa, stands out as an exceptional choice for those seeking to diversify their investment portfolio while relishing a world-class vacation experience.

According to Jay Azran, the managing director at Royal Jozini, there are several compelling benefits of investing in a holiday home, including financial returns, convenience and a memorable vacation experience. “A distinct advantage of owning a holiday home is the convenience it offers when you decide to travel or enjoy a family vacation. There is no hassle of researching, planning and booking each time you want to take a break. Your holiday home is readily available and designed to your liking.”

A holiday home investment offers stability and the dual purpose of serving as a personal retreat and an income-generating asset. This duality makes it an enticing choice for those who yearn for both relaxation and a robust return on investment, providing buyers with a secondary source of income.

One of the most appealing aspects of owning a holiday home is its potential for rental income. Royal Jozini gives owners the option of renting out their lodges. Azran states, “Your property can generate revenue when you’re not using it, helping offset additional costs such as levies and utilities while enhancing your overall return on investment.

“At Royal Jozini, we offer comprehensive centralised management services such as cleaning and handling accommodation bookings, making it easier for you to maintain your property while you are away. We ensure your property remains in pristine condition while entertaining both local and international guests”.

Holiday accommodation is often situated in highly sought-after locations, making them an attractive option for high-yielding returns. The stunning natural surroundings and wildlife in eSwatini, with a picturesque setting and access to desirable amenities, has made Royal Jozini a popular option among many holidaymakers.

The estate is home to an impressive array of wildlife including three of the Big 5 – namely elephant, leopard and buffalo. There is also an abundant array of birdlife, with over 400 bird species to observe in the reserve. Visitors can embark on a range of thrilling adventures such as tiger fishing, boat safari cruises, game drives, viewing hides and birdwatching.

The rise of remote working options has also become increasingly prevalent, with ‘workcations’ gaining popularity. Your holiday home can double as a second home, enabling you to work from a tranquil and scenic location while having access to a well-deserved vacation.

Azran says, “In addition to the existing properties that are available for purchase, Royal Jozini offers investors the opportunity to purchase land and custom-build their dream lodge, available through a 99-year renewable lease. The plots range from 4 000m2 to over 24 000m2, with investment opportunities starting from R650 000.”

To seize this incredible opportunity for an unforgettable investment in Royal Jozini, visit the website and explore the wide range of available plot options through the user-friendly interactive map.

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