Air France introduces new gourmet delights on business flights to South Africa

Air France has unveiled new menus in its long-haul business cabins, including the Paris to Johannesburg and Cape Town routes. The airline has announced that French triple Michelin-starred chef Anne-Sophie Pic, alongside Meilleurs Ouvriers de France pastry chef Philippe Urraca, will be creating exceptional dishes for Air France customers in business class for the next three months.

To create these menus, the chefs work together with Servair, the world leader in in-flight catering, using fresh, local produce that varies according to the season. In a responsible approach, the meat, poultry, dairy products and eggs on each menu are of French origin, and the fish is from sustainable fisheries on departure from Paris.

In addition, vegetarian menus are systematically available in every travel cabin on all the airline’s flights.

In the long-haul business cabin, Pic is creating new culinary delights for Air France customers. This season, the chef has created eight menus to be enjoyed on board, including a chicken supreme with sake, revealing the power of Japanese ingredients combined with local French produce; and roast parsnip – a forgotten vegetable that is now increasingly popular – with dill butter and curry combined with walnuts.

“For Air France customers, I’ve created some unique dishes highlighting French produce. I’ve worked on them by playing on the combination of original flavours and the strength of the tastes,” says Pic.

For the first time, Air France is also entrusting a top pastry chef with the signature desserts available in the business cabin. Urraca has created opera, black forest and yuzu entremet cakes to round off this high-flying culinary experience.

As part of the fight against food waste, Air France is offering its customers travelling in the business cabin the option of pre-selecting their hot dish up to 24 hours before their flight. This service combines the guarantee of availability of the customers’ choice with fairer consumption on board.

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