Commemorating Zulu stalwarts at Ntelezi Msani Heritage Centre

The Bhambatha Rebellion tells the story of the 1906 Zulu uprising against the cruel colonial poll tax, which resulted in the imprisonment and death of thousands of Zulu warriors.

This pivotal moment in history will be commemorated at KwaZulu-Natal South Coast’s Ntelezi Msani Heritage Centre – supported by South Coast Tourism & Investment Enterprise (SCTIE) – through a school and public programme in March.

“The Kurudi Afrika Programme is an all-encompassing cultural and creative initiative that seeks to promote rural economic development and propel the cultural creative sector to the mainstream economy,” explains Howard Msomi, director of Ntelezi Msani Heritage Centre in Mthwalume. “This is now an annual programme that we intend to grow into a worldwide tourist attraction.”

Kurudi Afrika Public Programme

“This year, Kurudi Afrika is celebrating the 118th anniversary of the Bhambatha Rebellion with a four-day programme,” says Msomi. “This will cater to all interests while celebrating African history and African people today.”


Kurudi Afrika Theatre Exhibition
Date: 21 March
Time: 08h00

Various theatre groups will stage productions based on the Bhambatha Rebellion in a competitive format, with the best production awarded on the day.

Kurudi Afrika Music
Date: 23 March
Time: 13h00

This will be a vibrant display of the best African music, which will geared toward promoting tourism on the KZN South Coast.

1906 Poll Tax Uprising Commemoration
Date: 24 March
Time: 08h00

This grand finale will be a commemoration of the Bhambatha Rebellion by the Kurudi Afrika ingoma cultural groups showcasing their talent. The commemoration will include a traditional ritual in the kraal to communicate with the 1906 fallen stalwarts and celebrate their contribution.

“Celebrating the local heritage and expanding the economic footprint into our rural areas is an important focus for SCTIE,” says Deborah Ludick, acting CEO of SCTIE. “Programmes such as these are a valuable way to not only achieve these goals, but an important avenue for keeping the history of the KZN South Coast alive.”

To book for the Kurudi Afrika Programme, call or WhatsApp: 078 510 8336.

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