Home Suite Hotels launches innovative sleep menu to elevate guest experience

Home Suite Hotels – a unique brand that provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere of home away from home, along with exceptional luxury hospitality – has launched an innovative sleep menu that aims to provide guests with an elevated in-room hotel experience.

The new sleep menu has been expertly curated to provide guests with a relaxing and tranquil environment, ensuring they get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

Home Suite Hotels recognises that a good night’s sleep is essential, especially for guests who are staying for extended periods. The new sleep menu has been designed to create a relaxing environment in guests’ rooms, where they can unwind and enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

“Our entire philosophy is built on the premise that we’re not just a hotel. We’re more like your home away from home. And what makes home so special? It’s about your comfort. How you sleep is a big part of that,” says Jonathon Meyer, CEO of Home Suite Hotels.

The boutique is proud to offer guests an unparalleled sleep experience through an innovative sleep menu. The range of products, including luxury pillows and the “Eight Sleep mattress cover”, utilises cutting-edge technology to enable various features like automatic temperature adjustments.

The team has also turned its attention to sound and lighting, both of which may affect sleep. Blackout blinds are standard in all rooms, while white noise machines are also being introduced throughout all hotels. Guests may also request blue light reading glasses, so that emissions from their devices do not interfere with their sleep cycle, and can scan a QR code to access a carefully curated sleep playlist.

“Sleep is, in fact, a big part of your hotel experience, whether you’re a business traveller who needs to be well rested for the next day’s meetings, an explorer who wants to stay out as late as possible so that you can see all the sights, but wants to feel sufficiently energised to continue exploring the next day – or even someone who lives down the road who just wants to swap domestic chaos for a bit of peace,” says Meyer. “We actually have a number of regular guests who check in for no reason other than to have a good night’s sleep.”

Added to this, Home Suite Hotels has created sleep ritual packs, comprising scented candles, eye masks, room spray and soothing essential oils. “We know that everyone has their own sleep ritual, the things they do to help them prepare for bed. These kits help you replicate your ritual from home,” Meyer explains.

Home Suite Hotels is committed to providing guests with a high-quality experience, and the new sleep menu is one of the many ways the hotel chain is delivering on this commitment. “We are aware that sleep is both highly personal and subject to change, which is why our team is ready to evolve this offering as needed,” concludes Meyer.

The sleep menu is available at all Home Suite Hotel locations across Johannesburg and Cape Town.

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