Kamara House – the newest exclusive-use offering at Thornybush

Kamara House, a private house overlooking a small riverbed, is the newest luxury safari addition in the Thornybush Nature Reserve and forms part of the game lodge’s recent refurbishment.

This exciting new offering is perfect for families, friends, and groups wanting exclusivity while still enjoying access to the main areas including the upcoming spa and wellness centre (opening in June), the expansive pool area, and the renowned game lodge shop, all just a short walk away.

“We are delighted to expand the Thornybush offering by introducing our guests to a holistic 5-star luxury safari experience, complete with a health and wellness programme, immersive safari experiences and new facilities, while staying true to the safari legacy that defines Thornybush Game Lodge,” says Melanie Parker, head of Operations.

Spanning approximately 251m² under the roof, with an additional 120m² deck and swimming pool, Kamara House is an exclusive-use villa that can comfortably accommodate up to six people, making it an ideal choice for special occasions with friends and families.

The interiors of Kamara House boast a contemporary fusion of organic textures and tones that harmoniously blend with the surrounding bush. From the moment guests arrive, they are enveloped in a modern interpretation of iconic luxury.

While Kamara House presents a more contemporary ambiance compared to the game lodge, it still retains a warm and inviting style, featuring individual statement pieces, rich textures and warm earthy hues.

The house features two bedrooms connected to the main area, with one suite incorporating an interleading bedroom, making it an ideal choice for those travelling with younger children or as a standalone room. The stunning leopard design pays tribute to the resident big cat Saseka, after whom one of the Thornybush lodges is named.

From the moment guests arrive, the Thornybush team and a dedicated butler take care of every detail. Guests can unwind and enjoy their exclusive space, spending their days by the rim-flow pool and private deck.

Meals, prepared by a personal chef, are served al fresco in the outdoor area or in the spacious dining area.

Kamara House also provides its guests with a dedicated game vehicle, guide and tracker, allowing for an immersive safari experience at their own pace, free from the constraints of scheduled events and other guests.

Thornybush Nature Reserve is renowned for its remarkable concentration of indigenous wildlife, making it a sanctuary unlike any other in southern Africa. With the captivating presence of the Big Five gracing the vast landscapes of the Greater Kruger Park, guests at Thornybush are treated to an exhilarating and immersive safari experience, with unforgettable wildlife encounters awaiting them on twice-daily game drives, guided bush walks, and even from the comfort of the lodge decks.

“We are thrilled with the addition of Kamara House to our esteemed Thornybush offering. Building upon the cherished legacy of the beloved game lodge, this exclusive-use retreat provides discerning guests seeking high-end seclusion and privacy with the opportunity to uncover their dream safari,” concludes Andy Payne, CEO of Thornybush.

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