NEW BOOK: Ericas of the Fynbos

Ericas of the Fynbos cover

Ericas come in an astonishing array of sizes, shapes and colours. Some 680 species, many of them found nowhere else, occur in the Cape Floristic Region – a centre of unparalleled diversity for the genus and home to one of the world’s richest ­floras.

In Ericas of the Fynbos, 170 of the region’s most common varieties are described in detail, with key ID features highlighted for quick reference. In addition, there is information on distribution, flowering times, subspecies and similar species.

Vivid full-colour photographs showcase the astonishing variety and beauty of the flowers. An informative introduction explores biology, pollination and distribution of fynbos ericas.

Enriched by a lively design, this innovative guide will give all ­flower enthusiasts and avid hikers the confidence to accurately identify ericas in the wild.

About the authors

John Manning is an internationally acclaimed botanist at the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI). A prolific writer, illustrator and photographer, he has authored and co-authored numerous scientific papers, magazine articles and books including popular field guides on South Africa’s ­flora.

Consultant Nick Helme runs Nick Helme Botanical Surveys, which undertakes botanical and ecological assessments throughout South Africa’s Greater Cape Floristic Region and in countries further afield. He is the lead author of Cape Floristic Region assessments for the SANBI Red List of South African Plants. He has discovered more than 100 previously undescribed plant species.

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