NEW BOOK: The African Baobab

In this absorbing and inspired account of one of the continent’s oldest botanical wonders, Rupert Watson explores the life and times of the majestic baobab, an ancient tree that has outlasted every plant and animal around it.

The narrative, supported by exquisite photography, effortlessly blends natural history and personal observation, while also drawing on extracts from the journals of early explorers.

There are intriguing accounts of the baobab’s eccentric growth and reproductive habits, its present-day distribution and its wide impact on everyday African life. Watson also takes a close look at the relationship between humans and baobabs, and the tree’s myriad uses over the ages: from shelters to medicinal and spiritual applications.

The African Baobab is a revised and expanded edition of the original book published in 2007.

About the author

After qualifying in the United Kingdom as a lawyer, Rupert Watson moved to Kenya, where he has lived and worked for the past 45 years. A passionate writer, he has written on natural history and travel for a wide range of publications including New ScientistThe Independent and The Times. Early 2020 saw the publication of his book Peacocks & Picathartes: Reflections on Africa’s birdlife with Struik Nature. He maintains an active interest in conservation and is Chair of the East African Natural History Society.

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