NEW BOOK: Trees of Zambia

Trees of Zambia features 140 indigenous tree species likely to be seen in Zambia and its 20 national parks.­ Each page describes a single species, highlighting its distinctive features and economic and medicinal uses.

Trees sharing similar characteristics are arranged into five groups in the book, enabling readers to narrow down the identification of tree species they find.

Features include:

  • Brief introduction covering vegetation types
  • Succinct identification text, including bark, leaves, flowers and fruit
  • Full-colour photographs of all species
  • Indicative distribution maps
  • Local names for trees
  • Best viewing locations, including national parks

An invaluable guide for anyone interested in the flora of Zambia!

About the authors

Adam Pope obtained an MPhil from the University of Reading. He has worked as a chartered engineer and as a development consultant. He is involved in conservation projects and environmental impact assessments.

Clare Barkworth has a MSc from the University of Reading. She has worked in social and economic development in Africa and Asia. Together with Adam, she runs an indigenous tree nursery, growing over 100 indigenous species of trees and shrubs.

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