Newman’s Birds by Colour

Newman’s Birds by Colour offers beginner birders a quick and simple way to identify southern Africa’s most common birds, using colour as a starting point.

Now in its fourth edition, this handy illustrated guide includes photographs in addition to artwork and has been updated to include the latest common names, expanded habitat information, and up-to-date distribution maps.

An informative introduction provides practical tips for identifying birds, and includes information on bird anatomy and classification, as well as guidance on where to look for birds and what you need to go birding.

About the authors

Kenneth Newman was a renowned bird painter and ornithologist who contributed significantly to the burgeoning interest in birds in southern Africa. His numerous books have sold close to a million copies worldwide.

Nicholas Newman is a passionate and accomplished birder whose interest in birds and their behaviour was inspired by his father’s work in the field. At the helm of the Newman family business, Nick is committed to growing the community of birders via Kenneth’s iconic stable of well-loved birding reference tools.

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