Stylish yet timeless refurbishment for ANEW Hotel Hilton

A new experience awaits guests at ANEW Hotel Hilton, in the heart of the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, as the property undergoes refurbishments. Originally built in 1936, the hotel combines old-world charm with family values and efficient service, and is in high demand locally and internationally.

Renovations are expected to be completed by January 2023.

With its striking original features, the building speaks for itself. Many guests have spoken of their experiences at this hotel in years past, describing plush rooms and grand events.

As a team, the brand embarked on this renovation to elevate the property to even higher standards, says Anthony Moskovitch, general manager of ANEW Hotel Hilton.

“People have a strong connection to this property because it has been the place where they have either gotten married or spent their honeymoon. Furthermore, it is surrounded by several elite schools, so families often start their journey at the hotel. We have been seeing multigenerational families returning again and again,” he adds.

Jayne Armour, the interior decorator for the project, echoes Moskovitch’s remarks relating to the family tradition that exists at the hotel. “If you chat to our parents about the Hilton Hotel (as it was formerly known until ANEW Hotels & Resorts acquired the property), they will tell you a story of the night they stayed over at the property.

“The refurbishment is extensive and long planned, with a view to ensure we modernise a truly iconic part of the history of Hilton. Maintaining the Tudor-style but adding a modern twist was a priority. We have gone with a classic modern look that will appeal to all ages.”

Furthermore, on technology, Moskovitch says the team is in the process of introducing a number of new features to enhance the guest experience, including the updating of the door management system for guests to use their cell phones to unlock their room doors.

The 97-room hotel, considered by many as the most sought-after Pietermaritzburg hotel, features all the modern amenities expected by vacationing families and businesspeople. “Each room type is unique and has been designed with careful thought and attention to detail. Our dining and living spaces have also received a full refurbishment. Our main restaurant, The Copper Kitchen, will not disappoint as it embodies sophistication and elegance. There is space for large groups and intimate private dining,” Armour says.

As we head into the warmer months, ANEW Hotel Hilton is the perfect setting for a romantic rekindling dinner on the floodlit pool deck while enjoying the sounds of cascading water, only five hours from Johannesburg.

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