Water is life at Xigera Safari Lodge

Here at Xigera Safari Lodge in Botswana, we are now at the height of our ‘dry’ season, meaning our floodwaters are higher than ever. These two contradictory elements can be explained by a unique natural phenomenon, as the water that floods the Okavango Delta each year travels down from the Angolan highlands, taking around six months to reach us.

Now that the floodwater has arrived in abundance, the land surrounding Xigera completely transitions into a unique blend of dry islands and flooded plains that develop as the wetland doubles in size. These conditions lead to an intense diversification of our wildlife, and it is fair to say that the plant life and animal sightings are delighting our guests. We have had our local pride of lions in the camp which has made for an exciting time for all guests making their way to and from their beautiful Suites. This is also the time of year when the elephant herds return to feast on the ilala palm fruit that has taken a year to finally ripen. Our geological miracle truly is a sight to behold at the moment.

With the swelling of the Okavango Delta’s waters, we are pleased to note that the number of wildlife sightings is also on the rise. Lionesses carrying their cubs across the channel to enjoy the rewards of an island kill, hippos wallowing and crocodiles sunning themselves in those same glistening channels, and wildebeest racing across the flood plains are just several examples of the recent sights we have been privileged to witness here at Xigera.

As the floodwaters return together with an incredible variety of wildlife, the marshland and watery channels created prove ideal conditions for water-based excursions through which our guests can experience a true spiritual connection with the Delta. Guests can view the smaller animals and species that live and thrive in water from the vantage point of a glass-bottomed mokoro (a traditional Botswanan dugout canoe), motorboat, or double-decker boat. All our water excursions will be led by expert safari guides.

The renewed vitality flowing through this unique oasis is in perfect harmony with the holistic approach we take toward wellness here at Xigera. At our Spa, which we are proud to announce was recently awarded ‘Best Safari Lodge Spa’ at the 2022 Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Spa Awards, each treatment is focused on the three pillars of wellness: restore, calm, and purify. We incorporate the 100% natural Tata Harper skincare products into many of our treatments, with our restoring remodelage facials and calming organic body massages proving to be particular highlights.

At Xigera, our conscious approach is not limited to our Spa and wellness treatments. Our partnership with a local hydroponic farm that makes clever use of space to produce high-quality and, as importantly, sustainable produce is something we are grateful to benefit from here at Xigera.


Be our guest for an extra night in the bush

From 1st August 2022 to 31st March 2023, we are delighted to be able to offer one complimentary night for those staying with us for four or more nights. For those seeking to spend more time benefiting from the restorative effects of our award-winning spa facilities, or undertaking safari adventures in the bush, this is not an opportunity to be missed.
See xigera.com/offers/extend-your-stay-in-the-bush



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