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West Coast National Park flower season now in full bloom

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South African National Parks (SANParks) is expecting an extraordinary bloom in the flower fields of the West Coast National Park (WCNP), promising an awe-inspiring spectacle for all visitors.

Thanks to the substantial rainfall received during the winter season, the flowers are bursting into full bloom. Nature enthusiasts, photographers and families alike can delight in the breathtaking array of flowers on display, ranging from vibrant daisies to stunning bulbs, which can be viewed in the Seeberg, Mooimaak and Postberg sections of the park.

Charlene Adams, WCNP park manager, says: “We are excited about this year’s flower season and the vibrant blooms are bound to mesmerise every visitor. The abundance of rainfall has worked wonders and we can’t wait to showcase the beauty of our park during the months of August and September.”

To make the most of this experience, visitors are encouraged to plan their trips on sunny weekdays. Weekends tend to be exceptionally busy, often leading to queues at the entrance and congestion in the flower viewing areas. By choosing to visit on weekdays, visitors can savour a more peaceful and immersive encounter with nature’s magnificent display.

The Geelbek Restaurant is also operational within the park during the Flower Season.

Gate times for Postberg are as follows:

09h00 to 17h00, with the last entry at 16h30

Gate times for the general park area are as follows:

August: 07h00 to 18h00, with last entry at 17h30

September: 07h00 to 19h00, with last entry at 18h30

Conservation fees for August and September are as follows (child < 12 years old):

SA adult (with ID) – R104 per person

SA child – R52 per person

SADC National adult (with passport) – R160 per person

SADC National child – R80 per person

Standard Conservation Fee/International Visitors

Adult – R234 per person

Child – R117 per person

The Spring Flowers Booklet

The Spring Flowers guide, which you can purchase at the Posberg entry gate, was developed as a fundraising project by the West Coast Region, SANParks Honorary Rangers (WCR SHRs) while also contributing to the enrichment of visitors’ experiences in the West Coast National Park during the flower season.

According to Toni Tonin, WCR SHR and a key member of the project team, it is necessary to explain the background of choosing the flowers represented in the booklet. There are over 1 200 flowering species from close to 100 different families of plants on the West Coast, and only 37 could be accommodated in the booklet. A selection was made from as many of the important families as possible, carefully avoiding undue weighting of any single family and to try and select some of the most iconic members of these families whose normal flowering season coincides with the dramatic August/September floral displays that draw the crowds.

The main goal of the publication was to produce a visually appealing glimpse into the stunning botanical diversity that visitors to the park and its surrounding areas are privileged to witness.

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