Don’t miss out on all the festive cheer at the Sweetdale Night Market at Serenity Hills

The monthly Sweetdale Night Market hosted at The Packshed restaurant in Margate on the last Friday of every month has become a firm calendar favourite owing to its stunning forest setting, family-friendly environment and wide range of high-quality offerings.

This December, KwaZulu-Natal Mid-South Coast residents and holidaymakers are in for a treat, as there will be the usual Sweetdale Night Market on Friday, 29 December – and a special Sweetdale Christmas Night Market on Friday, 22 December from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

The Packshed restaurant was started by the Swiss-born Kern-Wenger family. The unique style of European fused with a dash of South African flavour turned The Packshed into a must-try spot. The award-winning restaurant now forms part of the latest project, the stunning Serenity Hills eco-estate. As with The Packshed, this is a sustainable, community-focused development that prioritises quality.

Regulars can expect a new surprise, as The Packshed has welcomed Sweet Gang & Friends to join its ever-popular Farm Stall. Sweet Gang will join the bakery section within the Farm Stall, which also showcases hand-baked goods by The Packshed chef and his team. Alongside the great food and drink offerings, the Farm Stall has a wide range of products including art, crafts, gifts and clothing with a focus on collaboration with local businesses.

“There is a very encouraging trend of supporting local crafters, manufacturers and service providers, and the festive season is the perfect opportunity to show support of our talented KZN Mid-South Coast creatives,” says Sam Wenger, development director of Serenity Hills. “We’re excited to be hosting a second Sweetdale Night Market this December to give our holidaymakers more chance to view and purchase from our stallholders, taste the excellent food and enjoy the inviting ambience of this wonderful market.”

Sweetdale Night Market Details

Dates: Friday, 22 December (Christmas market) and Friday, 29 December
Venue: The Packshed restaurant, Serenity Hills, Margate
Times: 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

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