Enrich your summer dining experience at La Petite Ferme

From its perch at the very top of the Franschhoek Valley, the acclaimed La Petite Ferme offers not only luxurious accommodation, unparalleled vistas and world-class wines, but it is also home to an award-winning restaurant where you can relish country-inspired cuisine infused with a refreshing contemporary flair.

As the warmth of summer approaches, La Petite Ferme’s culinary team unveils an enticing new menu that encapsulates the essence of the season. The team’s unwavering commitment to excellence is evident in the meticulous selection of fresh, locally sourced ingredients, thoughtfully blended flavours and garden-picked herbs, all harmonised to craft a delectable dining experience.

“It is our absolute pleasure and honour to present to you our new ‘bursting-with-flavour’ Summer Menu. Straight from our garden to your plate, a unique dining experience awaits, crafted for you with exquisite dishes, our finest wines and great company!”

Two-course: R750 per person

Three-course: R 850 per person

(Some dishes may change due to seasonal availability)


La Petite Ferme is a leading wine estate situated on the slopes of the Oliphants Pass and Middagkrans Mountain Range, overlooking the Franschhoek Valley. Accommodation comprises five beautifully appointed Vineyard suites, five recently renovated Manor House Suites – each with spectacular views and comfort – and five luxury Winery Suites, recently converted from the old Wine Cellar.

The establishment was recently honoured at the prestigious 2023 Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards with awards in four categories, and at the 17th annual 2023 World Luxury Hotel & Restaurant Awards where it received three awards celebrating its culinary and hospitality excellence. The dedicated service team at La Petite Ferme sets the standard for a premier experience, making it the perfect choice for weddings, special functions, events and discerning guests.

To reserve your table and savour the sublime dishes featured on La Petite Ferme’s Summer Menu, contact: reception@lapetiteferme.co.za or +27 21 876 3016.

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