Crocheted parrots help women support their families while saving endangered birds

Crocheted parrots are serving a double lifeline role: They provide a livelihood for the women who knit the cute toy birds while also helping raise funds to save the endangered Cape parrot species. The women of Ukuthunga Handmade, a self-sustaining non-profit community-based organisation, make crocheted toys and home decor items in Continue Reading

Bid on luxury getaways to help raise funds for vulnerable communities

BID ON LUXURY GETAWAYS TO HELP RAISE FUNDS FOR VULNERABLE COMMUNITIES  #bednightsforfoodparcels   In the spirit of giving back during the global pandemic #lockdown, the Caleo Foundation has launched a #bednightsforfoodparcels fundraising initiative to support vulnerable communities in South Africa. The Caleo Foundation is a non-profit conservation organisation established in Switzerland. In South Africa the Caleo Continue Reading