Take portable power along on your festive journey

EcoFlow, a leading provider of sustainable energy and lifestyle solutions, is amping up lights for the festive season with a chance of saving up to R37 999 throughout December. As families gear up for the holidays, EcoFlow invites you to power your celebrations with these gift ideas below, highly recommended for those who love outdoor life and care about sustainability.

EcoFlow DELTA 2: Best-selling portable power station for family gatherings

The DELTA 2 portable power station is perfect for those looking for backup power, especially for your holiday gatherings. With an expandable capacity of 1-3kWh and rated output of 1 800W, it can power up to 13 devices including refrigerators, telephones and even electric hobs for extended periods. Thanks to X-Stream technology, it can be recharged in just 80 minutes, allowing you to always have the necessary energy available during the unpredictable period of loadshedding.

EcoFlow DELTA 2: Promotional price at R17 999 | Save R7 000

EcoFlow RIVER 2 Series: Compact powerhouse for on-the-go adventure lovers

With a weight of just 3.5kg and a capacity of 256Wh, RIVER 2 is the ideal choice for outdoor activities. RIVER 2 Max, the bigger sister of the RIVER 2 series family, offers a capacity of 512Wh and a rated power of 500W. With X-Stream fast-charging, RIVER 2 Series can be fully recharged in just one hour, allowing you to always be ready for any excursion, even unplanned ones. With four different charging modes, from fast AC to in-car charging, you never run the risk of running out of energy.

The elegant and compact design makes them easy to transport for those who love spending their days camping or simply outdoors. Thanks to the LFP battery cells, these RIVER 2 Series and DELTA 2 power stations guarantee a life of 10 years with 3 000 cycles, being the trustful and powerful companion for next ten festive seasons.

EcoFlow RIVER 2: Promotional price at R3 999 | Save R3 000
EcoFlow RIVER 2 Max: Promotional price at R7 999 | Save R5 000

EcoFlow Solar Panels: Effectively harness the power of the sun

EcoFlow portable solar panels are the right gift for those who want to generate sustainable energy both outdoors and at home. Thanks to the two-in-one double-sided design, innovative EcoFlow 220W bifacial portable solar panels are capable of capturing up to 25% more solar energy. Lightweight, easy to transport and equipped with weather-resistant materials, when combined with EcoFlow’s portable power stations, they generate clean energy anywhere and everywhere and are the perfect holiday gifts for those who care about the environment and keep an eye on the bill.

EcoFlow 220W Solar Panel: Promotional price at R9 999 | Save R1 500
EcoFlow RIVER 2 Max + 220W Solar Panel: Promotional price at R13 999 | Save R10 499

EcoFlow Wave Portable Air Conditioner: Keep the heated celebrations cool

EcoFlow understands that festive celebrations can get heated, and that’s why the Wave Portable Air Conditioner will be a spotlight this summer. Ecoflow Wave isn’t just portable; it blasts out 4 000BTUs worth of cooling thanks to its inverter compressor too. That’s the most powerful air conditioner of its size. The Ecoflow Wave can run for 3 to 12 hours, depending on the battery you use. Keep your gatherings cool and comfortable with this innovative portable cooling solution. With easy setup and energy efficiency, the Wave Portable Air Conditioner is the perfect addition to your holiday wish list.

EcoFlow Wave + Add-on Battery: Promotional price at R23 999 | Save R14 000 (exclusive deal on 18 December)

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