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Blue Train bolsters COVID-19 health and safety protocols

by Editor

The Blue Train is pleased to announce the strengthening of its health and safety protocols by adding rapid antigen testing for COVID-19. The rapid test is mandatory for all guests and crew, prior to travel and complements a comprehensive set of precautionary measures administered for the safety and peace of mind of guests and crew.

“As tourism businesses, we are motivated to keep up to date with the undulating waves of COVID-19 infections and their impact on our sector and country. What we know for sure is that health and safety concerns continue to be a barrier for people wanting to travel, and yet, travel is one sure way of dealing with some of the challenges brought about by COVID-19 and the consequent lockdowns. We believe that adding rapid antigen testing for COVID-19 waylays a lot of those concerns and gives our guests peace of mind when traveling on The Blue Train. After all, the best way to enjoy this national treasure is when one is free of anxieties, and able to completely surrender to the experience,” said Nomasonto Ndlovu, Executive Manager of Heritage, Tourism and Hospitality at Transnet.

The antigen rapid testing is conducted during the check-in process at The Blue Train’s VIP Lounges in Pretoria and Cape Town. Administering the test is a qualified medical practitioner, and guests receive their results within an hour via text message or email notification. As such, guests need to factor in an additional hour for checking-in; this information is communicated to guests in the confirmation letter. Should guests’ results be positive for COVID-19, the reservations team will arrange for a postponement of their journey.

“We are elated to make this additional precaution available to guests at no additional cost. In addition to this testing, we maintain traveling with a certified health practitioner on-board, quarantine suites and regular servicing of our air conditioning system for common areas and individual suites. We will continue making necessary adjustments to ensure that The Blue Train prevails as the perfect escape from the freneticism of a COVID-riddled world, if only for a moment,” concluded Ndlovu.

The Blue Train remains compliant with the national government’s pronouncements on mitigating the spread of COVID-19; which means that all guests continue to be required to wear face masks in common areas of The Blue Train, with the exception of their private suites.

For more information on The Blue Train’s protocols for travel in a COVID-era, please see our website at www.bluetrain.co.za. For bookings, please contact our reservations team at the Pretoria office on +27(0)12-334-8459 or the Cape Town office on +27(0)21-449-2672 or on email info@bluetrain.co.zal; or book via our website, www.bluetrain.co.za.

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