Federal Airlines announces 50% discount ‘SA Residents fare’ to safari landing

Federal Airlines (‘FedAir’) announces 50% discount ‘SA Residents fare’ to safari landing strips as part of revolutionary new approach

Federal Airlines has announced a revolutionary new approach to meet customer needs and market demands. It has introduced reduced SA Resident fares starting from R2 850 per person (one-way flight from Johannesburg) directly to a number of landing strips within the Sabi Sand, Madikwe, Northern Sabi Sand, Timbavati, Hoedspruit lodges and Garonga. This amounts to a discount of approximately 50% of the 2020 low season fares.

Mark Hurst, group CEO of Solenta Aviation and incoming CEO of Federal Airlines, says that FedAir’s customer fares are being made simple and flexible as a future game changer within the luxury safari lodge shuttle and charter airline business.

‘We are learning to say yes. Covid-19 has caused significant disruption within the tourist and travel industry, but it has also created new opportunities for us. Our aim is to make the business more dynamic, more customer orientated and more flexible’, he says.

With immediate effect, the cancellation policy of Federal Airlines has been adjusted to be more flexible and customer orientated, offering free cancellations up to 15 days prior to departure date. There will be no charges for any changes made to FedAir bookings and clients may have unlimited changes at no cost.

‘In addition, our 2021 fares will be reset to the 2020 low season fares and we have removed all seasonality rates, offering the same low season fare throughout the 2021 year. We look forward to assisting every traveller to reach their lodge destination in a comfortable, efficient and professional manner, with our daily shuttle services from OR Tambo International Airport to the Sabi Sand, Timbavati/Kruger region, the Madikwe Game Reserves and our restarted inter-lodge flights between the safari camps, from 1 December 2020’, Hurst concluded.

The Private Charter division of Federal Airlines will continue to offer customised, exclusive charter flights to meet personal schedules and requirements as required.

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