Nelson Mandela Museum

“We used to sing and dance and fully enjoyed the perfect freedom we seemed to have far away from the old people. After supper we would listen enthralled to my mother and sometimes my aunt telling us stories, legends, myths and fables which have come down from countless generations, and all of which tended to stimulate the imagination and contained some valuable moral lesson.As I look back to those days I am inclined to believe that the type of life I led at my home, my experiences in the veld where we worked and played together in groups, introduced me at an early age to the ideas of collective effort.” – Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela Museum was established on 11 February 2000 on three sites; Mvezo, the Nelson Mandela Museum Youth and Heritage Centre (NMMYHC) in Qunu and Nelson Mandela Museum Bhunga Building in Mthatha. The Museum operates on two sites; Nelson Mandela Museum Youth and Heritage Centre and Nelson Mandela Museum Bhunga building site.

Nelson Mandela Museum Bhunga building site

Bhunga building operates in an ancient building that stood the test of time; from colonial times to homeland state and democratic governance. This building serves as a national and international symbol for viewing exhibitions on Nelson Mandela and incredible collection of gems bestowed upon Former President Nelson Mandela from various institutions, statesmen, royalties and ordinary people from all over the world. 

Nelson Mandela Museum Youth and Heritage Centre

The Nelson Mandela Museum Youth and Heritage Centre, serves as a catalyst for economic and training development of the community and youth of South Africa. The centre has been officially handed over to the department of Public Works for renovations and will be closed for a period of 18 months as from the 12th of August 2019. The closer of the youth and heritage does not prevent interested tourists from following visible footprints of Nelson Mandela within the rural landscape of Qunu, Mqhekezweni, Clarkebury and Tyhalara villages.

The Nelson Mandela Museum Bhunga building will continue to serve as an alternative destination for viewing exhibitions dedicated to Nelson Mandela.

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