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Our Centre

“CCF’s Center is an International Research & Education Facility, Cheetah Museum, a Model Farm, Cheetah Sanctuary & our Dancing Goat Creamery – Open to the Public 364 days a year (closed on 25 December)”


Cheetah Conservation Fund is located 44km east of Otjiwarongo (D2440), in Namibia, about three hours north of the capital city of Windhoek. CCF’s International Research and Education Centre is a renowned research facility that sets the standard for researchers and students worldwide seeking to learn more about the cheetah. It is a center for conservation programming and education, the base from which CCF reaches thousands of farmers, tens of thousands of students and hundreds of thousands of online supporters worldwide.

Ecotourism – CCF’ Centre is Open the Public Daily 8am – 5pm

CCF is also an ecotourism destination, providing informative and memorable experiences for travelers whether they visit for a day, or stay overnight at Cheetah View lodge or Babson Guesthouse

Education Centre and Cheetah Museum

CCF’s Education Centre and Cheetah Museum displays are designed around CCF’s scientific research findings and provide detailed information about the cheetah: its history, physiology, importance within the ecosystem, conflict with humans, and what CCF is doing to ensure the species’ survival for future generations.

CCF’s Education Team presents two-day or longer environmental courses for school groups with overnight accommodation provided at the CCF educational campsite. Local and International students have participated in courses at the Centre. In addition to school groups, regional youth groups, youth officials, teachers, health officials and farmers participate in specially designed programs at CCF’s Centre Day visitors welcome.

Research Facilities

Through the generosity of Life Technologies, CCF has developed a DNA laboratory that conducts a non-invasive, genetic monitoring program to provide accurate population estimates of cheetahs in Namibia and other home-range countries.

The Life Technologies Conservation Genetics Laboratory & The Haas Family Veterinary Clinic also researches questions involving cheetah gene flow and geographical patterns of genetic variation, as well as adaptive questions related to the cheetah’s behavioral ecology in specific habitats. The lab plays a key role in training the next generation of wildlife geneticists.


The CCF children’s educational playground demonstrates that learning can be fun. Children complete a range of activities designed to demonstrate cheetah physiology and environmental issues.


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